Praise for The Wraith of Carter’s Mill

One of the members of the editing/proofreading team for The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, Kathleen B. sent us this wonderful evaluation. her comments were unprompted and unpaid…just a very nice surprise.

“Not being much of a ghost story fan, generally speaking, I was thoroughly intrigued with WCM. As a child I liked ghost stories, but I havn’t read one in I can’t remember how many years. This series of stories, compiled into one book, as it should be to maximize its punch, drew me into the Carter family, their connections and their lives, that surreptitiously unfold. I was definitely hooked by Book 2, The Guardians. This is a story that cannot be put down easily. I was extremely impressed with the way C. Evenfall slowly reveals the plot to her readers through glimpses of the conclusion, which is Book 4, Carter’s Mill, the actual beginning of the story, one scene at a time until the reader grasps the reality of the story yet still doesn’t have its entirety-and knows it! One must keep reading to glean the full story! It is an extremely engaging style with wonderful character development, which is also stealthily revealed, especially in the case of Julia, when we learn why she is a villain of a mother. What redemption! C. Evenfall is a true storyteller with great depth.”


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