Authors are on the lookout for inspiration constantly!  As a paranormal suspense writer, I am no different.

Most of my inspiration comes from the old stories I remember hearing as a child, but often I am inspired by current events and photographs.

I love photos of old buildings the most. It’s easy to imagine an old abandoned house as haunted, but when I look at this old church, my imagination goes wild. Built around the turn of the century, this old church has witnessed many events, survived hurricanes and yes, a lot of funerals were preached within it’s walls.

If the old planks could whisper, I wonder what they would say! Would they tell stories about the good ole days or would they have more sinister tales to tell …

sorry, I just had a great idea! Gotta run!

Historical, Yopp's Meeting House, Sneads Ferry, NC

Historical, Yopp’s Meeting House, Sneads Ferry, NC


Pure Magic!

I have been a little stumped lately with scenes in the novel I am currently writing.
The ideas are there but I must be able to visualize the surroundings or else the story will suffer … and I was having difficulty with that.
It doesn’t help that I run a small business and work has been demanding of late, so I was growing discouraged about my current project … until I had a brilliant idea.
I grabbed my notebook, got in my truck and started driving. I knew that I was looking for a rural area so I hit all those back roads I traveled as a teenager.
I stopped several times to take photos and before I knew it, I was parking in an old cemetery. I let down the tailgate of the truck, got out my notebook and pen and got comfortable. Two hours later, I had pages of notes and several good photos on my phone.
I returned home victorious. Not only did I clear the writer’s block by “gathering” inspiration, but I think the effect of an afternoon drive and lot’s of sunshine worked pure magic!
My time is still limited, work is still crazy, but the story is taking real shape!

C. Evenfall is the author of paranormal/suspense novel, “The Wraith of Carter’s Mill”