Curses: Real or Fantasy

Are curses real? Do they really exist or are they just figments of over active imaginations? Well, I suppose it all depends on how you view a “curse”. If I have an accident on my drive into work today, is it simply an accident ? Or could it be that someone I have offended has placed a curse on me, a hex or a jinx as a way to get even ? Did the dog really leave his squeaky toy on the doorstep or did an evil-doer curse the item and leave it there to be activated when I stepped over it? One thing is for certain, if things start going wrong in the early morning, they tend to worsen as the day grows late. I for one actually believe in curses, but maybe not quite the way we traditionally think of curses.

What about negative energy? How much power does a negative statement have? I knew a man once who seemed to have the worst luck of anyone I had ever met. He told me something his mother said once, “Son, if it was raining soup, you would be holding a fork!” I laughed when he said it, but how true is it? Not sure. . .but he’s dead now.

I met a lady when I lived in Birmingham Alabama who believed that “graveyard” dirt warded off curses as well as brought good luck. She discreetly collected a handful at every funeral she attended. She carried a small bit in a plastic bag hidden in her purse and sprinkled it in her shoes before BINGO every Saturday night. . .I don’t recall whether or not she ever won the jackpot.

I believe that we can bring good things to our lives with positive attitude and by believing that good things will come but what does that say about the person who always expects the worst around every single corner? Could I make that car accident happen by believing that something terrible awaited me down the street? Can we bring sickness and disaster down upon ourselves by owning negative thoughts? If that is possible, maybe we can do that to other people. . .a lot of people think so.

In The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, I wrote about a curse that followed a family through five generations. I heard similar stories as a child, stories of people cursed because of an evil deed committed by a predecessor. These innocent folks were supposedly doomed to pay for the sins of their fathers, and so do my characters. Recently a reader commented to me that she was bothered by my reference to such an unfair curse and that the Wraith in my story gave her nightmares. Although she claims that she does not believe in anything paranormal, I wonder if some small part of her is afraid. . .afraid that curses are real.

C. Evenfall is the author of “The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, available now in paperback and as e-book at Amazon.

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