A Haunting Response to an Ad Campaign

I recently ran a social media ad campaign and the response has been overwhelming. Let me just say, that I was completely surprised by the response and even more so by the stories that strangers have shared so freely with me. I boosted the post with a $20 budget and targeted users who were interested in the paranormal using the most pointed tag words I could come up with.

The ad was a simple one, it read :


Ghost stories. I want to hear about your personal experiences.
Have you ever witnessed a haunting?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you know anyone who has?

If so, I want to interview you . . .message me

Five hours after the post went up, the responses started pouring in. When the campaign ended, I added another $5 to the budget and found more folks who were willing to talk. I got stories about mysterious voices, photos of ghosts, accounts of hauntings, and ghost sightings ! I met mediums and sensitives and even a couple of witches ! I carefully responded to each person, after all, they had taken the time to answer the ad and they each deserved my acknowledgement, not to mention that I was very excited and interested in each one!

As you can imagine, the ad was also great for that social media page as well, earning me a lot of post likes, page likes and higher than average engagement statistics. Since I am marketing my book, “The Wraith of Carter’s Mill”, on that page, I was thrilled with the results.

I quickly figured out that I could not possibly interview everyone individually, which was a shame really, because 90% of the respondents had GREAT stories to share about their own personal experiences with the paranormal. I was forced to narrow it down to a manageable number. I set to work, late evenings after long work days, to write a set of interview questions unique to the experiences folks had shared with me . . . this proved to be the real challenge.

As I struggled to select questions individually, I asked myself, what would the world like to know about this persons encounter or experience? Unable to answer that one, I decided to fashion the interviews centered around what I wanted to know and BAM, I had a set of questions for each one of the selected.

This experience has taught me so much about the marketing power of social media in today’s world. ( I come from the days when our only social medium was the house phone that hung on the kitchen wall ) It has also enlightened me to the willingness of people to talk about this most fascinating topic ! As a believer myself, and having my own personal experience story, I realize that most of us are hesitant to share, which makes me appreciate these folks and their haunting responses all the more.

C. Evenfall is the author of the Paranormal/Suspense novel, “The Wraith of Carter’s Mill.”


5 Star Review by Amanda Monell of Reader’s Favorite


Reviewed By Amanda Monell for Readers’ Favorite

“The Wraith of Carter’s Mill” by C. Evenfall is a story filled with suspense, horror, and most importantly, family. Set in rural North Carolina, the book opens with young Julia who meets up with a wraith. Later, we find out that the same creature plagues her daughter Libby and her granddaughter Shyanne, as well the origins of the creature, which is told in the second half of the book. As a child, Shyanne discovered that she had inherited the family gift of seeing and talking to the dead and later uses this gift to help spirits find peace. The wraith remains ever present, lurking in the shadows. Will the wraith continue to haunt Shyanne?

Wow. Just wow. I can’t get over how amazing “The Wraith of Carter’s Mill” by C. Evenfall is as a read. This haunting tale is mixed with the warmth and charm of the south, along with moments of pure terror. The setting is so immersive that you feel as if you are there, walking with the characters. The storytelling is masterfully crafted, starting with the contemporary encounters of the wraith and finishing with those who summoned it, making the series come full circle. I am so grateful that this was a collection of novellas instead of just one of them, because I would be waiting anxiously for the next volume. I have absolutely no words to say how much I loved this book. I cannot wait to see what other literary journeys C. Evenfall has in store for us.